Transform analog to digital

This is a service that we are offering to companies and individuals which use a lot of documents every day and have a lot of difficulties, where it is space saving, time consuming for the right document or just having all that old documents that time is ruing the quality of it. 

We are offering solutions that will be helpful in order to save your all documents but also to have more effective when looking for some old documents in your archive. 


Floor Plans

Do you have old floor plan papers? Like, very old? Ok, we have the team and knowledge to transform each line, each circle, form and letters into digital format. Lets, get in touch and talk about it.  



Do you have documents that you are continiuslly missing? You can not find the old document? Its time to organize your documents.The process begins with purchasing professional scanner or camera, software for hosting and managing digital documents, dedicated server, regular backups, several dedicated employees, working space, computers, network, cables… sounds complicated? There is a much easier way. Give us a call. We’ll take the documentation, we’ll scan and we’ll return all documents on predefined date. You will receive well organized documents and ability to use the software and search each documents by many filters such as, name, date, word, place etc.    

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