About Us​

Our story begins in 2018 with a few highly qualified people and a lot of ideas.

We have 15 years experienced team of young and hardworking engineers, willing to ensure our best ICT services and long-term cooperation.

Today we are fast growing Software Developing ICT Company with supportive customers who believe in our services and constantly extends their needs. This is what makes us stronger, more innovative and motivated for even faster development and investment in our business.

We support customers worldwide and with our 24/7-maintenance service we believe in efficiently achieve of theirs goals. Our spark for technology leaded us in different areas of the ICT world and gathering all that experience creates a company which main focus and goal is to produce, offer and service high innovation products and service for the customer lifestyle.

Our Mission

IT PLUS is a company which main goal is to provide quality and innovative ICT products and services that will have outstanding customer value, which will enhance its customer’s efficiency and customer focus.

Our Mission is to become a company that will provide high tech software solution products that will simplify people’s life and work, high level of customer satisfaction and as most important trust of our clients and long-term mutual cooperation.

Our Mission

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